Wish List

Need ideas on what the horses need?

  • Large plastic water trough (eg. the big black Rubbermaid type)
  • Fencing materials
  • Portable round pen panels
  • Grooming supplies:   Microtek shampoo and spray, MTG, regular shampoo, sponges, combs


On a weekly basis the horses consume

round and square bales of hay.   Gratefully accept any type of horse-safe hay.

grain:  senior feed such as Purina or Triple Crown, hay replacer nuggets/pellets, 10/10 Textured sweet feed


Larger needs

Funds towards the maintenance of Equihab’s trailer.  We use this weekly!

A truck to tow the trailer (late-model is ok as long as it’s roadworthy)

We also accept donations of any type trailer.  If we cannot use it for our horses or events, volunteers clean it up and it’s resold to raise much-needed funds.

Portable run-in shed or shed-row barn (for example, the ones made by Horizon)

Fundraising items:  items to re-sell or raffle, in order to raise funds.  It does not have to be a “horsey” type item.    For example, a vehicle, vacation package, certificate to your business, jewelry, etc.


 Services:  Always grateful for help from…

farriers, veternarians, professional trainers or other horse pros who are able to donate some of their time & expertise

someone to assist in writing grants and/or acquiring sponsors

lawyers or tax professionals

marketing-type professionals:   graphic arts or design work, public relations, advertising, marketing, social media

vehicle repair & maintenance:  mechanical work, body work & paint, detailing