Today at Singerly’s fundraising table in Elkton

DSC04046r Turn-out for today at Singerly was not as good as it usually is.   But being just one day after New Year’s Day, it’s not unusual.    If you’re new to this site, Equihab usually rents a space at the monthly indoor Singerly flea market sale held at the Singerly Fire Hall, Rt 279 & Rt 213 in Elkton, Maryland.

Eileen manned the table all day.   If you see her around, be sure to thank her for the extra hours she’s been volunteering with this and other projects!

Donations were $14, sale of items was $30, less the table rent of $15.   While it’s not always a big money-maker, I’d like to remind everyone how this has been such a great way to meet the local public.

The big photo album of Equihab’s horses was out on display, as well as photos of our most recent new additions.    People have come to expect us at the Singerly monthly event, and it’s always a nice opportunity to talk to folks or hand out brochures.

Equihab will be at the next Singerly sale, which will be the first Saturday in February (6th).