Status:   Adoptable

  • Adoption fee:  $250.00 (includes free local delivery)

Description:   Mikey is a friendly little mini.   However, although adorable and small, he can be a bit ornery.   The ideal home for Mikey would be someone who would be firm with him and who could spend some time improving his manners.   He’s small but can be quite a handful!

  • Sex: gelding
  • Age:  10-11 yrs old estimated
  • Size:  9.2hh (about 38″)
  • Breed:   not registered with any breed organization
 Mikey playing with his herd-mate
  • Friendly but sometimes a bit ornery.     He loved to take things apart or play with things.
  • Needs to be handled by someone who will be firm with him.  Although he is small and cute, he can give ‘attitude’ at times.
  • He leads, loads, hauls, and ties.    Sometimes he doesn’t stand as quietly as I’d like;  he seems to get frustrated easily and may paw.
  • When he first arrived in 2007, he had a history of nipping and rearing. I believe he was encouraged to be naughty because it was “cute” when he was young.   Many hours of re-training have gone into teaching him better ways to get attention, but I wanted to make you aware this was his history prior to 2007.


  • No health or lameness issues that we are aware of.
  • Coggins:   negative Coggins (last tested on 2/10/12)
  •  Vaccinations current
  •  Dental: current   (last done on 2/10/12)
  • Farrier care current (every ~5-6 weeks)
  • Microchipped

History:   Mikey was given to a friend of Equihab’s years ago.   He was treated a bit like a dog and allowed to bite, rear, and act up.   It stopped being cute as he matured.   They gave him away to the friend of Equihab, so that she could work on his behavior & find him a good home.

In February 2007 she asked for Equihab’s help in finishing his re-training & in locating a great home for him.   By July 2007 we found him just the right home with a wonderful older woman who lived in Harford County.   She needed a companion for her Thoroughbred, and she had the hope of one day teaching Mikey to drive.

Mikey was happy there, and his new “mom” really enjoyed him.

On February 6th, 2012, we were given the news she passed away suddenly.   Mikey would be returning to the Equihab program.  2/6/12 Mikey arrived back.

2/10: Mikey went to Unionville Equine vet clinic for dental care, Coggins, and vaccinations.  He was not having a good day and so he misbehaved quite a bit for the vet’s assistant:  rearing and a few times nipping while she tried to hold him for the veternarian.

2/17: Mikey went to Sam Smucker, horse trainer, for a training assessment.  Mikey was very well behaved for him.  Mikey is a little pushy at times, but he didn’t act up.

On 2/24 Mikey left to keep a lonely mini company.   He will live at a very local farm, just a few mile away.

8/18/12:   We received the bad news that Mikey may be coming back to Equihab.  There is disagreement within the family about the number of horses they have the time and resources to support.  The woman who took him is heartbroken and has tried her best to find a way to keep him, but three horses is just too many for this particular situation.   She gave us notice and is happy to foster him awhile.   But she felt it’s in his best interest long-term to ask that we look for a new home for him.

For more information or to adopt or sponsor Mikey, contact us