Executive Director:    

May Snyder –    May has been serving Equihab for 6 years.   She holds a Bachelors in Computer & Information Science from University of Delaware .   She graduated with honors from Cecil College’s Nursing program and is a licensed Registered Nurse (R.N.)    May grew up around animals and has always been interested in animal care and advocacy.    She has also owned her own companies, studied abroad, taken classes in graphic design and marketing, and studied business.      She owns several horses of her own for both riding & driving, is interested in animal behavior & training, and is always learning more at clinics and seminars.

To contact May directly, reach her by email or Facebook


Board of Directors:  An active, local group of people from all walks of life.  The Board meets monthly to guide the progress of the program, develop policies, and develop short and long-term plans.

  • Virginia Mentrak
  • Pam Ritter
  • Eileen Snyder

Equihab is accepting applications to fill the vacant spot on the Board.  Please email may@equihab.com or come to one of our monthly meetings.


Support staff:   Equihab is 100% volunteer driven.   We have core of committed volunteers who staff events, do office work, and help with the horses.    The best way to see who is active at the moment is to attend an upcoming meeting.


With help from the equine professionals such as:

  • Veterinary care – Unionville Equine Associates in Oxford PA as well as U Penn’s New Bolton Center
  • Hoof care – Stephen King of King’s Farrier Service in Quarryville PA
  • Professional horse training – Sam Smucker of Harmony Hollow Farm in Quarryville, PA
  • Dental care – Van Equine    800-24-FLOAT