Hay Banks : support for owners in need

Bale of hayHay Banks have been set up across the nation.    A Hay Bank is a temporary source of hay (and sometimes feed) for the individual who has temporarily fallen on hard times.    The Hay Bank prevents horses from starving or owners feeling forced to take the horse to auction.

Each is independently operated, so the horse owner should check to see what regions the bank serves, eligibility, and rules.

Our organization is also exploring the possibility of starting a hay bank for MARYLAND.   However, donations and/or a source for grants is needed first.    If you wish to donate or volunteer towards a hay bank fund, please contact us today.







  • The Maryland Hay Bank   http://www.marylandhaybank.org/
  • The Equihab Foundation: this organization.   (*We are seeking financial support to initiate program)




New Mexico




* If you know of additions or changes to be made to this list, please email May so that the information may be kept up-to-date.