Foster Program

Why do horses need fostering?

Almost every day Equihab receives phone calls from owners needing to place their horse, neglect situations, or requests to help a horse about to go to slaughter.   In order to meet local demand and to save as many lives as possible, Equihab depends on a foster home system.

YOU can help save a horse’s life — by fostering a horse short or long term!

Our foster care program

Being a foster parent means you’re giving a horse a chance at life.   Your role will be to provide daily care & handling, re-training (as much as you are able to), and to keep in contact with Equihab should the horse need anything.

Equihab covers the expense of the horse’s medical, farrier, and dental care, thanks to the donations of our supporters.    The foster parent must work with the vet or farrier to let him/her know what is needed and to be an active participant in keeping the horse healthy.    The horses should arrive to you already current with care.   You are welcome to choose a more expensive provider, but reimbursement rates for basic care is based on what we typically pay in our area.

  • Farrier:  up to $25 per trim on minis and horses, up to $30 per trim on drafts.    Shoes or any special trimming treatments should be approved in advance, if you desire reimbursement.
  • Vaccinations:  up to $18 per year for rabies, up to $29 per year for the 6-in-1 shot (EEE, WEE, tetnus, ehv1, ehv4, influenza),  $29 per year for West Nile
  • Vet fees:  non-emergency vet exams & treatments should discussed with Equihab before the vet comes out, if you desire reimbursement.
  • Dentist: up to $80 per horse per year.   Our regular dentist doesn’t require sedation or charge a farm call fee; therefore, we do not reimburse those fees if you choose to use someone different.
  • We do NOT normally reimburse for commercial/professional hauling fees because we have our own trailer.
  • Training fees:   up to $35/hour for a professional trainer, if approved in advance.  Sorry, we cannot reimburse for non-professionals giving training services or any other labor relating to caring for the horse.

Please refer to your Fostering Agreement for details on how reimbursement works.   Services requiring authorization in advance should be submitted seven (7) business days before you wish to have that service performed.

Ideally, the foster farm should have enough land to provide grass during summer months.    Fosters should provide hay and grain, unless a specific arrangement has been made with the Board of Directors in advance.   The foster will provide an environment that is safe & suitable for horses, provide clean water, put out ample/suitable food, and offer the horse shelter from weather.     You don’t need a fancy facility.   We’re simply looking for farms that meet the horse’s basic needs and are safe.

Equihab provides transportation back and forth.   Should you be unable to keep the horse before he/she is adopted, we understand and will move the horse to another foster location as soon as space is available.

What kind of horse will I get?

Every effort is made to match a horse in need with your particular situation, experience level, resources, limitations, etc.   If you have any special requests, let us know.     Please understand the intent of the program is to give homeless horses a place to go, so horses that come in may not necessarily be suitable for riding.

We do not put special needs, ill, or behaviorally challenged horses with the average foster home.  These horses will be matched with experienced people who are prepared to handle the horse’s specific needs.

What are the limitations?

Because we need to be available should an emergency arise and/or need to be present when a vet evaluation is performed, the foster farm should be in our local area.    Ideally we are looking for locations in and around Cecil County, Maryland:   Harford, Lancaster, Chester, or New Castle counties.

The intent of the program is to place the horse into a forever home.   If a pre-approved applicant requests to see the horse, we will contact you to see the time(s) that are convenient for you.

All riders must wear a helmet at all times due to insurance requirements.

How can I find out more?

Email us today.