Blanket Bank – No Chilly Horses!

blanket horseNEWS: this fall we’re starting a “No Chilly Horses” Horse Blanket Bank program.

Extra winter blankets that our own rescued horses don’t need will be made available to borrow. They will be lent to area horse owners who are temporarily unable to buy their horse a blanket. Turnout blankets are expensive. A horse who needs one shouldn’t have to shiver. Sometimes blankets get damaged beyond use, stolen, or lost. Sometimes a horse owner is having a run of bad luck, and they don’t have the money today to buy their horse a replacement. No chilly horses — the Equihab Blanket Bank!

To request to borrow: email Equihab and make sure the email subject says “Blanket Bank”. Loan is limited to local individuals; sorry, we cannot ship.   You can let us know what sizes you need by filling out the Blanket Loan Application (DOC file: blanket-bank-application-2016).

Although we’ve got some sizes to start the Bank, donations of blankets of any size (new or used) would be greatly appreciated. Pick-up available in/around Cecil County. Thank you for your support.