About Equihab

The Equihab Foundation is horse rescue & cruelty prevention program, which is based in the town of North East, Maryland.

Inquiries: 443-466-4087 (before 8pm EST)   or send an email.

Our mailing address is:

Equihab Foundation

111 South Main Street

North East, MD 21901

The organization is 100% volunteer based, ensuring the maximum percent of your donation dollar goes directly to the cause.    Equihab is run by an active Board of Directors who meet abount once a month.   Day to day administration goes to our dedicated volunteer, May Snyder.    Funding is provided by donors in the community and throughout the United States, both by individuals and businesses.   Because there is no state or local government funding of Equihab, your support is essential to providing ongoing services.

Equihab helps all breeds any types of horses, not just in Maryland, but up and down the East coast.    Retired show horses, racehorses who didn’t win enough at the track, retired farm draft horses, pet minis, driving horses, and western “surplus” quarterhorses are just some of the types of horses we help.

Horses who end up at shelter are not “bad”.  They’re just unlucky.  Their former owner may have lost his job.   Or they might’ve been replaced by a young harness team and the farmer can’t afford to feed them through the winter.    Some are abandoned when a farm is foreclosed and the owner cannot afford to take them along.

In addition to directly rehabbing and adopting out horses, Equihab is actively doing community service.   This includes education (for general public or for horse owners), educational presentations with our little mascot pony, clinics, and information.  Equihab’s trailer hauls horses for other rescues at no cost.   Equihab’s experienced volunteers sometimes help a novice out with a new horse they got elsewhere and are having an issue with.    In the past, when local horse owners fell on hard times, Equihab has taken care of their horses feet for months, until the owners’ situations improved.  Equihab has been in parades, done appearances at local Homeschooling classes, and shared our horse with the Cecil County summer camp program.

The best way to learn more about Equihab is to attend a meeting.  Even better, get involved!   Volunteers are always greatly appreciated.