This Month’s Meeting: Thursday Nov 9th at 6:30

Equihab meeting:  for Board Members, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about our organization

This month we will be meeting at Denny’s Restaurant in North East, Maryland

Meeting starts promptly at 6:30pm

Meet MIKEY at Gifford’s Fall Festival – Saturday October 14th

Come out and see us at Gifford Feed’s Fall Festival.  We will be there Saturday only.

MIKEY the mini will be with us to meet you.


FOR SALE: Custom Mobile Classroom van



ford customized van - side view

Ford customized van

FOR SALE:   Equihab’s “Book Mobile”  Mobile Office / Classroom custom body van

1987 7.5L gasoline engine Ford Econoline E350 









Vet day for Cookie and Joey

Cookie waiting

Cookie waits her turn patiently

Today, July 12th, 2017,  Cookie and Joey received exams and dental check at Unionville Equine vet clinic.

COOKIE has been what is often termed a “hard keeper”.  She gets a large amount of food, free-choice hay, and 24/7 turnout, but it’s not easy keeping weight on her.   The vet reviewed the nutrition, took a fecal sample for parasite testing, and drew blood for a few blood tests.  When the results come back, we will have more information and be better prepared to help her.

JOEY has been in good health, but we wanted an opinion on his stifle joint.  Sometimes it locks, making it difficult for him to lift his left when backing up.  His history prior to arrival at Equihab is a mystery, and the vet felt x-rays might show if there was an old injury.

The x-rays showed everything was normal.  He got a routine dental check but didn’t need his teeth floated this time.  He will be turned out in a bit bigger pasture now, and that may help his stifle joint.  Movement builds muscle and muscling around the joint helps to prevent it from locking.

Joey's stifle

One view from the series of x-rays done of Joey’s left stifle joint

Dental checkup

Getting his teeth examined

x-ray joey

To check his stifle, the vet ordered x-rays of the joint

Cookie at the clinic

Cookie got an exam today

Cookie has her teeth checked

Cookie gets a dental exam

Cookie at the vet

Vet day for Cookie

MIKEY: time for routine vet visit & shots

Mikey visited the vet today for routine care.   He had his teeth checked & floated.  Blood was drawn for the Coggins test.  And he received vaccinations.  He behaved well for everything: catching, leading, loading, unloading, standing for vet, injections, and the ride back.

Mikey is available for adoption.


Mikey at the vet today

Another view of Mikey standing for the vet

Mikey's vet visit

Mikey gets routine vet care

Mikey dental

Mikey needs his teeth floated

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